This section is to enlighten you so that you don’t quit when the going gets tough, so that you have sound, principle-based reasons to go into this business and not just because many people are doing it or because some charlatans are claiming you can start with N10,000 and become a millionaire in 30 days.

Though these are my personal reasons – they are not just personal, they are principled-based checklist (or call it Decision-Filter) I used to decide whether going into a particular business is the right move for me. It’s now yours to copy.

So, why did I go into bulk SMS business?

I went into bulk SMS business because:

1. Potential buyers can be easily identified and located

 Heck, people were already (and are still) actively searching for bulk SMS service. The average search now is 1,600 per month according to Google Keyword Planner.  What this means is that you’re guaranteed to get buyers.

2. Relatively low startup costs

I said relative because compared to other businesses, the startup was and still ridiculously low. I know you want a figure. Well, if you have N75,000, you can get started. That’s easy enough to raise, isn’t it?

 3. Sizeable profit margin

When I started, my goal was to put in N1 and get N2 out. That is, make 50% pure profits consistently and predictably. And I achieved that for a while. The profit margin in the industry has now changed; I will talk about it in the next few pages.

4. Potential for high volume sales

I did get offers from South Africa, Portugal, Ukraine, and some other parts of the world from people who want to buy millions of SMS every month. The point is, even if you’re making 20 kobo off these kinds of deals, you’ll become a millionaire literally. Do the calculation yourself.

 5. Matches my talents, skills, knowledge, and passion

 I was already neck deep into online business and had a lot of passion and talent for anything communication, persuasion, technology, writing, and marketing. So it was a perfect match for me. All these combined to give me strengths that in turn gave me the edge in the marketplace.

6. Scalable and can be leveraged

This is a bit advanced, but let me explain it in a way you’ll understand. Leverage is when you achieve something very BIG using very little effort and resources.

And when you can grow your business to the maximum size possible using the help of other people and their resources without you being directly involved again, that is scaling. In my advanced coaching program, I outlined several strategic ways you can leverage and scale your business.

As I write this, I am not directly involved with 5star SMS again, I have moved on. I only occasionally write blog posts and ebooks for it out of my passion for writing. That’s because I have put systems that leverage other people’s time, money, and resources to keep growing 5star SMS.

7. Competitors abound to bring out the best in me

Many people used to be scared of the stiff competition in the industry. Not me. Their mere existence compels me to want to win. As someone rightly said, “No competition, no champion.” That they even exist is a pointer to the fact that the industry is profitable. If it’s not, then they won’t be spending big money running adverts on Google repeatedly.

8. Potential joint venture partnership

Yes, you can partner with many people to grow the business. In fact, almost on a weekly basis I get two or three proposals from people practically begging to partner with me. I get offers from people who want to syndicate my articles, gateway providers who want to sell to me at very low price, customers who want me to give them incentive to introduce 5star SMS to others. You too can get the same offers when you get started.

9. Affiliates can be recruited to sell for me

Depending on your business model, bulk SMS business have a natural built-in mechanism that enables others to sell for you and you don’t get to pay them until they help you make money. Examples are cyber cafés and online resellers.

10. Cheap and easily accessible advertising opportunities

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. Without it, you’re doomed to fail. As far as bulk SMS is concerned, advertising opportunities are ridiculously affordable and easily accessible by anyone. You even get to pay only when someone clicks on your adverts online.

11. Low monthly maintenance

Ah! The so-called overhead. Well, when it comes to bulk SMS business, it’s negligible… very, very low. I tabulate the monthly maintenance cost in the attached business plan sample.

12. It creates impressive results that can be advertised

This is about testimonials. When users share the positive results of using bulk SMS to promote whatever they are promoting, it’s dynamite. It’s pure gold. You can advertise these testimonials to attract others. What I want you to get here is that it makes selling to others way too easy.

13. Expenses can be paid as sales is made

I started with very little money and people were unwilling to lend me money because I already blew their money in the two previous online businesses I started. LOL. But as customers buy and use later, I used the money to invest in other aspects of the business to grow the business.

14. Order fulfillment is easy and can be automated

Oh, this is sweet. Fulfilling customers order for bulk SMS is automatic and very easy. For those who buy online, it’s automatic. They are automatically credited while the money automatically goes into my bank account. What could be easier? And for those who pay via the bank, they text their payment details to my customer care rep and he replies with a voucher for them to load anytime they want. So, it frees me up to work strategically on the business and not operationally. That’s what I want you to grab here.

15. Deadline and other market forces cause people to buy now

When people feel they have all the time in the world to do something they usually don’t get around to do it. But when there are forces forcing them, then they have no choice. Bulk SMS naturally lends itself to deadline.

Take for example the people who want to organize seminars or marriage. They all have dates attached to them. And they must send SMS before that date. That makes them to buy now. You don’t have to pitch and pitch them until you’re blue in the face.

16. Opportunity for logical up-sells, down-sells, and cross sells

This is a bit advanced. Let me just give you an example. Upsell is when you tell a customer, “Instead of buying 1,000 units at N2, why not pay N1.85 for N3,000 units?”

Or assuming that your minimum purchase is 1000 units and your customer doesn’t buy, you can down-sell by saying buy 500 units at N1.85. Cross-sell is selling complementary products like GSM numbers database.

The point I am making here is that you have opportunity to make more money after the first sale.

17. It appeals to everybody

Did I just say everybody? No, it appeals to many people. Ok, I said everybody because the underlying need of bulk SMS is the natural and basic need to communicate and everybody wants and needs to communicate instantly and cheaply. This is where bulk SMS comes in.

But I know folks who cannot send a simple text message. LOL. I said that to counter the “appealing to everybody” part. The point I really want you to get here is that there is a need for bulk SMS and the market for it is huge.

18. Can be systemized and automated

 Yes, for the most part. You can automate your order fulfillment, follow up, marketing, and so on. What systems do is free you up and make continuous improvement in your business look like a child’s play.

19. Offers a national playing field, if not global!

Because bulk SMS is web-based and easily accessible from any device and from anywhere, you are looking at a national playing field. That means you have a large market waiting for you here in Nigeria and abroad.

20. Tracking results is possible, easy, and free

How can you improve and grow when you can’t track your results? It’s impossible. But because bulk SMS is web-based, everything can be easily tracked, analyzed, and improved.

21. Most of the tools needed are free and open source

I said “most,” not all. Oh, I love open-source programs because there are millions of professionals working to improve it every day.

I am talking of softwares like Joomla, WordPress, bulk SMS plugins, advertising tools, and many more!

22. Built-in recurrent income system

What this means is that once your customers credit finishes, they will buy again and again. Of course, this depends on how well you serve them. But this is the crux of the whole matter and I saved it for the last.

This is the main reason for going into bulk SMS business. You do the hard work of winning the customer once, then you get paid over and over again… for life. That’s what people call residual income and it’s so sweet when it is finally setup.

That’s all I want to share for now as to why going into bulk SMS business is a smart move. Now, you’ll agree with me that that was huge and powerful.


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