5star SMS is not for everybody. In fact, that’s why our new branding campaign tagline is “The Bulk SMS Service for the ‘Big Boys’”. That’s why we don’t come cheap too.

Why We Need to Define Our Target Audience

  1. So that we will know those to spend our marketing budget on (those who will respond)
  2. So that we can stop wasting money and time on those who will never buy
  3. So that we can get more specific in our marketing communications
  4. So that we can predict revenues

Our Ideal Clients Criteria

These are the conditions prospects must meet to be our ideal clients…

√ May or may not already know about bulk SMS – But have need for it.

√ Membership-based organization – That is, they must have members who they must send SMS to from time to time. Examples are churches, alumni associations, bloggers, etc.

√ Have compelling reasons of their own to be sending bulk SMS repeatedly – That is to say, they shouldn’t need us to persuade them to send SMS before they know they should. To them, their success should be tied to bulk SMS. Examples again are churches.

√ They must have an inherent deadline attached to sending SMS – Example again is a weekly church program that has deadlines attached to it.

√ Spend at least N2,000 a month – Our deal client should be able to spend at least N2,000 every month.

√ Must provide at least 40% profit margin – That is, the price this prospect is willing to buy must provide us with at least 40% of the amount he’s paying as profit. For instnace, if he’s spending N1,000 with us we must make at least N400 from that N1,000.

The Name We Call Our Ideal Clients

We call them VIP clients while the others are called basic clients.

Market Segments in the Bulk SMS Industry

  • Churches
  • Businesses
  • Associations
  • Individuals
  • Resellers

The Segments That Fits Our Ideal Clients

The market segments that fits our ideal clients are:

  1. Churches
  2. Associations


That means we spend more time and money on churches and associations and leave out the rest. How?

  1. By assigning them to our premium gateway: Infobip
  2. By adding them to our autoresponder email list

      3. By offering them special deals and incentives to buy

Are We Going to Stop Others From Using Our Service?

No we are not going to. We are just not going to spend our resources on them. But we will provide a good service to them.