STEP 1: When you login, click on Compose SMS immediately after All Menu in the Message Menu at your Left Hand Side.

STEP 2: When the Compose window opens, fill in the required information as follows.

Enter your Sender ID in the box as shown above. Your Sender ID is the name you want to appear on your recipients’ phone when they receive your SMS. Note: Your Sender ID can only be 11 characters maximum (including spaces). For example, John Mark.

STEP 3: In the Recipients box, enter the phones numbers of your recipients (the phone numbers can start with either 234 or 080). You can enter your recipients’ numbers in three ways:

i. Type your recipients’ numbers one by one. If you choose to use this method, then separate the numbers by comma (with no spaces). For example: 08023356456,08136473434,08057071556 and so on.

NOTE: Please, do not type your phone numbers in Ms Word, then copy it here. Rather type it in Notepad and copy and paste here with the commas. This is because Ms Word contains code that could make your SMS not to be delivered.

ii. The second way you can enter phone numbers is to upload the phone numbers from Notepad. In this case, type the numbers on separate lines and save it to your desktop so that you can easily see it. Type it this way:




And so on.

To upload numbers, click on Upload recipients, click on Choose file, locate the file you saved to your desktop and double click it. That will do the upload.

iii. The third way to enter your recipients’ numbers is to choose a phonebook group. This is assuming you have created a phonebook group. If you haven’t, please refer to our Help #6 on how to create phonebook groups.

STEP 4: Type your message in Type Message box. As you type, the page and character counter below will tell you how many pages your SMS is and how much characters is left so that you can edit your SMS to the number of pages you want. See sample image below.

STEP 5: To send immediately, click on the Send SMS button below the Type Message box.

That will send your SMS instantly – other factors being equal.

To schedule your bulk SMS to be delivered on a later date and time, click on the More Options button. The boxes below will open.

The Save a copy as Draft box is for you to save that SMS to draft in case you need to use it again. Simply enter a name for it in the box. You can also save the phone numbers you are about to send SMS to to a phonebook group. You can choose an existing group or create a  new group. Simply enter a name to create a new group.

To schedule your bulk SMS, click to tick the Schedule for delivery later box. The box below will open for you to set the date and time.

NOTE: It is in the Ignore box that you choose your year and note that the time is in GMT. When you’ve chosen your time and date, click on the Send SMS button to schedule.


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