First Things First

1. Before you attempt to make payment, ensure your ATM card is enabled for online payment.

You just need to fill a form with your bank and it will be activated within 24 hours. Note: Most banks now allow online payment without activation.

2. If you’re trying to buy online from your phone, don’t use Opera Mini. Use Android or iPhone browser, or Mozilla Firefox, or Chrome, or UCBrowser, or Dolphin on your phone.

Next Steps

STEP 1: Login to your account & click on Buy Online under the Message Menu.

STEP 2: In the page that opens, enter the number of units you want to buy.

STEP 3: Then click on the Buy SMS button. (A message will pop up saying: “You will be redirected to the payment page in 5 seconds”) Click on OK.

This is What the Next Page That Opens Look Like…

Bulk SMS Online Payment Page


Next Steps…

STEP 4: Select your card type e.g. VoguePay, Interswitch, MasterCard, Verve, Visa, eTransact, etc and click on Proceed.

*If you choose to use VoguePay, all you need is your VoguePay email or username and password.

Note: You must have an account with VoguePay and have it funded first before making payment. Click here to create an account with VoguePay.

VoguePay is Nigeria’s version of PayPal. It’s the best thing to happen to Nigerian e-payment as far we are concerned. It’s fast, simple, safe, and secure.

* Choose Interswitch or MasterCard or Verve if there’s MasterCard or Verve logo on your ATM card.

* If your Card is Visa, you must have an i-PIN to carry out any transaction online. To get an i-PIN visit your bank’s ATM and select the change PIN option >> Select the Internet PIN (i-PIN) change option >> Input any 4 to 6 digits of your choice as your iPIN.

STEP 5: After you click on Mastercard logo, a new window will open asking you for the email to send the transaction details to, enter your email and click to continue. When you do, the box below will open, click to select your card type.

Select Card Type

STEP 6: After selecting your card type, enter your ATM card details.

Your card number is the numbers on the front of your card, the expiry date is also on the front of your card, the CVV2 is the last 3 digits at the back of your card. Click on the PIN pad on the screen to select your 4-digit ATM PIN. Enter them and click on Pay.

Mastercard Details
STEP 7: The next window will ask you for a security token or one-time password depending on the card you are using.

If you have a token, press it and enter the number then click on “Continue.” As for the one-time password, your bank will usually send it to your phone, wait for it.

Security Token
STEP 8: Wait for the payment to go through. In some browsers, you’ll see a blank page as the payment is processed. NEVER, NEVER REFRESH THE PAGE WHILE YOU WAIT.
How long it takes depends on the speed of your connection and computer speed. If the transaction was successful, you’ll get the message below and also receive an email alert.

Transaction Successful
Click on continue to merchant website to return to 5star SMS.

Note: It usually happens once in a while that your bank will debit you but your bulk SMS account won’t be credited. This is due to network time out. In that case, contact us to investigate and credit you. It won’t long. You can call our customer care on 08136473434 or send us an email via

Visa Payment