♦ Targeted Emails – These are emails of people whom your product or service appeals to most.

♦ Email Marketing Strategy – This has to do with the best email marketing concept and principle to use in marketing your unique product or service.

♦ Follow Up Strategy – Most people won’t respond to the first email, but when followed up on, they usually respond. The strategy will tell us how many times we should follow up, how long, and the maximum amount to spend.

♦ Email Copywriting – This is writing the content of the emails to be sent out using a combination of marketing and writing models and principles.

♦ Email SPAM Grading – Before sending out emails, we will put it through a SPAM filter to see if it will end up in people’s inbox or in their SPAM folder, then we correct it to make sure it ends up in their inbox.

♦ Detailed Activity Reports – This is a visual report of your email marketing campaign performance. How many people responded, how many people clicked, etc.

♦ Email Client Testing – This is a test to see how your email will appear email clients such as Webmail, gmail, yahoo, outlook, etc.

♦ Branded Email Template – This is a stylish design with your brand colours that make you appear professional and corporate.

♦ A/B Split Tests – This is testing different email marketing critical success factors such as subject lines, sender name, personalization, calls to action, templates, time of day, etc to see which one works better.

♦ Personalized Emails – This is addressing recipients by name. Stats show that it improves conversion. Note: This only applies to your email lists of whom you have their permission to send email to.

♦ Email Marketing Plan – This is a killer comprehensive plan to help you succeed in your email marketing campaign. Remember, if you fail to plan, you’ve planned to fail.

♦ Automatic Triggered Follow Ups – These are follow ups that happens automatically when a recipient takes some sort of action, e.g. click on a link in the email.

♦ Mobile Optimization – Is the formatting of your emails to so they can appear well and be readable on email apps on phone.