You are under-using bulk SMS and you don’t know it. You can do far more and achieve far more with bulk SMS than you are currently doing. In this post, we share the creative ways you can use bulk SMS.

This Post is Divided into 6 Parts

Part 1 is about business uses of bulk SMS – how you can use it to win more customers, dominate your market, and ultimately make more money.

In Part 2, you’ll discover how churches can use bulk SMS to enhance their communications, win souls, edify members, and streamline their administration.

Part 3 reveals how hospitals can join the bulk SMS communications bandwagon to improve relationships between employees and management and also patients.

Part 4 opens your eye to the personal uses of bulk SMS as an individual. You’ll find a lot of useful ideas.

Part 5 takes schools into consideration with wonderful ideas on how to take advantage of bulk SMS to make a particular school the school of choice in the community.

Finally, Part 6 shows how clubs and associations can tap into the phenomenal power of bulk SMS to make their clubs more efficient, effective, and thriving.

Nowhere on the Internet will you find a wonderful assemblage of ideas on bulk SMS uses – another reason to choose and stick with 5star SMS.

To us, you’re our friend and we’ll provide the resources to help you succeed in your bulk SMS communications.


Part 1: Business Uses of Bulk SMS

1. Full blown-promotion – Are you rolling out a new product or service or want to push your already existing products and services further into the marketplace to make more money? You can penetrate and dominate your market easily, quickly, and cheaply using bulk SMS.

2. Time-limited special offers – Is sales short in coming? Do you need a certain amount of money this week or by month end? Or you just want to meet a sales target, you can use bulk SMS to make one-time offers or any kind of special offer. And you know what? Offers with built-in deadlines outperform offers without deadlines any day, anytime.

3. Introduce your great business – You have a great business, granted. But how many of your potential customers know you exist… even in your community? You can use bulk SMS to get yourself out of marketing oblivion and into limelight and win more customers and become very popular in your niche and location.

4. Follow up on your top prospects – According to statistics from the National Sales Executive Association, “Only 2% of sales are made on the 1st contact. And 80% of all sales are made on the 5th – 12th contact.” Bulk SMS helps you to automate and personalize your marketing follow up professionally so that you can make all the money you’re capable of making in your business.

5. Customer relationship management – You can use bulk SMS to manage your relationship with your customer professionally thereby retaining your customers and reducing customer attrition rate. How? By informing them when you fulfill their orders, by using it to ask if delivery went smooth, by thanking them for their business, and so on.

6. Wish your customers Happy Birthday – It has been said that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. By celebrating customers on one of the important days of their lives, you will increase customers’ loyalty. And the more customers stay with you, the more money you will make. What’s more, you can even schedule the birthdays and it will be delivered on their birthdays without you touching anything.

7. Get your debtors to pay you quickly – You can use bulk SMS to remind your debtors that their debt is due for payment. This will increase your revenue and improve your cash-flow.

8. New prices announcement – Have adjustments in your pricing? You can use bulk SMS to inform your customers and use that opportunity to sell your products and services.

9. Make special holiday offers – We have a dozen holidays during each year, bulk SMS comes in handy to make special holiday offers with deadlines built into them to generate quick sales.

10. Refer prospects to your great company website – This will increase traffic to your website which will in turn contribute to getting you ranked higher in Google, Yahoo!, and other search engines and also help you sell your products and services. To make it very effective, you can offer them something for FREE if they visit your website.

Part 2: Church Uses of Bulk SMS

11. Invite all prospects in your community to your outreach programs: You can now utilize all those numbers you’ve been collecting every year, every time you evangelize. What’s more, we have millions of Nigerian phone numbers arranged by local government areas, you can send invitation to those in your local government area.

12. Mobilize members for evangelism: You can use bulk SMS to create excitement and motivate your members to turn out en masse for evangelism.

13. Automatically follow-up on prospects: You can schedule your follow-up messages to be delivered at different dates and times. This will nurture the relationship with your prospect and demonstrate that you are really serious about their spiritual well-being.

14. Send weekly reminders to prospects: You can use bulk SMS to remind prospects of your meeting days and time and invite them to see how you worship.

15. Follow-up on first-time visitors who are unbelievers: Most churches don’t have a follow-up system for first-time visitors. You can use bulk SMS to automate this and solve the problem.

16. Thank first-time visitors who are unbelievers for visiting you: This will make them feel important.

17. Invite prospects to your subsequent church programs: After getting your prospects’ phone numbers, you can get back to them via bulk sms when you have church programs. And by so doing, you’re gaining a share of their minds and they are likely to be converted this way than when you don’t stay in church with them at all.

18. Refer prospects to your Church’s website: Today, most people spend about 60% of their time online. You can take advantage of this fact by referring prospects via bulk SMS to your Church’s website to learn more of your church, the gospel, and her ultimate salvation.

19. Refer your prospects to your TV and radio programs: TV and radio have enormous power and credibility. By referring prospects there, you’ll be taking advantage of the Law of Authority and Credibility.

20. Nurture new converts: New converts in the faith need to be nurtured with the sincere milk of the Word instead of just throwing them into the fray to eat bones with adults in the faith. You can use bulk SMS to make this happen in addition to other methods. You can even automate it!

21. Orientate new converts: There are policies in place in your church that new converts need to know among other things, you can use bulk SMS to do this.

22. Shape members’ thoughts: For instance, you could shape their thoughts about giving much, praying always, marrying in the Lord, and so on.

23. Daily devotional bible verse: Help members start the day on a positive note and end it on a hopeful note.

24. Bible reading of the day: Help your members read through the entire bible in a year.

25. Happy birthday wishes/prayer: Show your members you care about important days in their lives by sending them birthday wishes/prayer using bulk SMS. After all, the bible says we should rejoice with those who rejoice. You can even schedule it to be delivered on their birthdays so that you don’t forget it.

26. Send out special prayer points for members to pray about e.g. for a sick member: This will demonstrate to all members that the Church cares & the ceaseless collective prayers of the saints work wonders!

27. Weekly activities reminders: Get maximum attendance by sending out motivational reminders about your bible class, women class, song practice, vigil, fasting and prayer meetings, youth class, visiting, committee meetings, ministry meetings, and so on.

28. Annual lectureship or conference invitation: Are you holding an annual lecture or conference? Save cost and succeed in getting massive attendance to your annual lectureships and seminars like youth lectureship, women lectureship, general bible lectureship, etc.

29. Monthly roster dissemination: Send officiating members what they are to do in the month. This is very effective because it will stay in their phones and they will get it whether they are in worship or not.

30. Send time-sensitive information: At times you want to send out time-sensitive information like event cancellation, meeting resolutions, and so on to your members, you don’t have to wait for the next meeting day. You can now do it instantly and it will get to all your members wherever they are.


Part 3: Hospital Uses of Bulk SMS

31. Automatically remind your patients when their checkup is due – Most of your patients require regular checkups to manage their health situations effectively. You can use bulk sms to schedule a reminder for your patient to remember turn up at the hospital at a particular date. This will position your hospital in a positive light in the eye of your patients.

32. Introduce and promote new products and services you offer – Do you have new services and products on offer? Don’t wait until your patients visit your hospital to see the posters you place on the wall, get the word instantly by making use of bulk SMS. This will make more money end up in your pocket than it would have if you wait for all your clients to visit your hospital.

33. Automatically follow up on your debtors to pay promptly – Face it, there are many patients who still owe you and the amount alone is enough to expand your business in a big dimension. Send out reminders cheaply – this will move them to pay you your money. Note: How you compose the message matters.

34. Keep your patients and employees well informed and up to date on standard practices – The medical field is one field that things change at rapid pace. There are some drugs that were confidently administered two years ago that if you prescribe today, you’ll end up in jail. Use bulk SMS to alert all your employees and patients about important changes in the medical community like banned drugs that could affect their lives in profound ways.

35. Invite clients to your seminars and conferences and other events – Patients need to be put up to date with happenings that affect them. Seminar is one way to pass information effectively. You can use bulk sms to send out invitations to your clients.

36. Wish your clients and employees Happy Birthday – This is about the relationship between you and your patients. How cordial is it? Improve your relationship with your clients by sending them happy birthday wishes. You already have this information in their cards. Just ask your customer care or receptionist to schedule it to be delivered on their birthdays. And you might even get a thank you call from them.

37. Send holiday greetings to your customers – Show your clients you have them on your mind and care about them by sending them holiday wishes using bulk sms. We have holidays like workers Day, Christmas, New Year, Independence Day, and so on.

38. Recruit talented employees – Yes, you can use bulk SMS to recruit workers. How? One way is to use your contacts, send SMS to them and ask if they know anyone who can fill the vacant position in your hospital.

39. Conduct opinion polls and get valuable feedbacks from your patients and employees – Want a hospital that will be the talk of town about its excellence? Get feedbacks and make little continuous improvements. How do you get feedbacks quickly and cheaply? Use bulk SMS. Blast out SMS to your clients asking them to give you feedbacks. To make them respond quickly, offer an incentive like free test, product discount, etc and attach a deadline to it.

40. Inform your staff members of staff meetings and also send reminders automatically – You hold staff meetings, don’t you? Do you get maximum attendance? Probably. You can enhance this and improve your results by using bulk SMS to send out meeting notice and schedule reminders to be delivered at later dates and time.

41. Thank clients for patronizing you – Be different. Stand out. Achieve this by using bulk sms to thank your clients after they patronize you. That alone will contribute a great deal to making them patronize you again and even referring friends and family members.

Part 4: Personal Uses of Bulk SMS

42. Wedding Invitation – Even if you print thousands of wedding invitations, it can’t possibly reach everybody you’ll want to see on your wedding or your friend’s wedding. This is where bulk SMS can come in to save the day; all you need is the phone numbers of the folks you want to show up in your wedding. Blast it and presto, they’ll all receive no matter where they are located on earth.

43. Gift – Yes, you can add bulk SMS voucher as part of a gift pack for people. Or even give it as a standalone gift. At 5star SMS, we have vouchers containing hundreds and thousands of SMS units you can give as gift.

44. Birthday party invitation – Are you marking your birthday in Sheraton or at the beach? You can use bulk SMS to invite friends and relatives.

45. Book launch announcement – Are you an author like myself? You can use bulk SMS to announce to your list, friends, and contacts about your latest work and give them reasons to get a copy.

46. “I can do ……………. for money” SMS – Do you just finish university and actively hunting for job but have yet to get a call up? Or you’re already working but need an additional stream of income? You can send out bulk SMS about a service you can do for money, for example, home tutorials, computer training, web design, proofreading, and so on.

47. Motivational SMS – Do you want to be in people’s good books? Do you want to make a difference in people’s lives? Do you want to be memorable especially to people you just meet? Do you want your friends and extended family to remember you for good? Send out weekly motivational SMS to them using bulk SMS.

48. Romantic SMS – Are you into any serious relationship or are you married? Take your relationship to a new height by using bulk SMS to send branded romantic and “love you” SMS to your significant other. You can even schedule it to be delivered day and night for 365 in a year.

49. Happy new week SMS – Show people they are on your mind by always sending them happy new week SMS.

50. Happy new month SMS – You can use bulk SMS to wish people happy new month. This will make them remember you for good and position you in a positive light.

51. Happy New Year SMS – At the turn of a new year, don’t be left out in noble deed of wishing your loved ones and acquaintances happy new year. Bulk SMS makes this possible.

52. Happy Independence Day SMS – You can use bulk SMS to wish your people happy Independence Day that always takes place on October 1st of every year.

53. Happy workers day SMS – May 1st (workers day) is another day of the year in which you can send your people SMS to wish them well in their various jobs and careers.

54. Naming ceremony invitation – Has a new baby arrive in your family? You can use bulk SMS to announce his or her arrival and ask people to join you in thanking God for the blessing. In addition, you can also use it to invite your folks to your child’s naming ceremony.

55. Thank you SMS – There’s always a need to say thank you to people who show you love by attending your events like wedding, birthday party, child naming ceremony, and so on. Bulk SMS is a great way to do it and your message will be branded in your family name.

56. Graduation ceremony invitation – Are you doing your graduation soon? Ensure your people are well represented by blasting out SMS to them. What’s more? That’s another way to tell people that you’re now a person of value… increased value.

57. Prayer request SMS – Is there something in your life that you’ll like friends, church members, or group members to pray about with you? Use bulk SMS to send out the prayer request to get immediate and massive response.

58. “I’m looking for job” SMS – Increase your chances of getting a job by letting people know you’re looking for a job using bulk SMS. Don’t be shy about it; getting a job is a noble thing. Remember to include the positions you’re looking for, your highest qualification, and the locations you’ll like to work.

59. Maintenance Text – Want to maintain your relationship and keep the love sparking? Schedule a bulk SMS to go out three times a day – in the morning, noon, and before he or she closes from work. This will show that you are thinking about your loved one. Ideally, you should schedule weekly to make it appear natural and spontaneous.


Part 5: School Uses of Bulk SMS

60. Promote your school to your community – Want new students? You can use bulk SMS to promote your school to parents in your community. We have millions of Nigerian phone numbers arranged by local governments that you can rent to send your messages to.

61. School fees collection – Collecting school fees takes a lot of hassle and time, by using bulk SMS, you can easily let parents know that school fees are due for payment. You can even automate it.

62. School fees payment reminders – For those who haven’t paid, you can use bulk SMS to remind them easily and instantly.

63. Summer coaching announcement – You can use bulk SMS to announce to your students’ parents that there will be summer coaching and let them know the time, duration, and cost of the coaching.

64. Student truancy information – If a student is absent from school, you can use bulk SMS to inform his or her parent and ask to know whether they know about it. This will help your student to become responsible (assuming he left home without his or her parents’ knowledge). And if that’s not the case, you will demonstrate to parents that you care about the well-being of their children.

65. School events announcement/cancellation/postponement – You can use bulk SMS to announce to parents, teachers, and students that you are about to host an event or go on excursion and ask them to get organized and prepare for it. This will ensure that your information reaches all parents, teachers, and students. And in case any event is cancelled or postponed, you can also use bulk SMS to instantly get the information across.

66. Ask for referrals – You can use bulk SMS to ask the parents of your students to refer other parents to enroll their children in your school. This will increase new intake and increase your revenue.

67. Sports Day announcement – Having a sports day? You can use bulk SMS to inform all your parents to prepare their children with the correct clothing and kits and you can use the opportunity to invite the parents to come and watch their children display. This will increase their loyalty to your school.

68. Teachers-only day announcement – Let your students, teachers, and parents know that there will be no school on a particular day because it is teachers-only day.

69. Early school pick-up information – If your school is going to close earlier than the normal time, it pays to inform parents to pick up their child at the time school will close. You can use bulk SMS to achieve this.

70. Speed up debt payment – Are you being owed by students and it’s running into hundreds of thousands? Use bulk SMS to speed up your debt collection. By constantly reminding parents of their debts, you increase your chances of getting paid… and on time, too.

71. Increase in school fees announcement – Have you recently increase school fees? Save money on printing letters by informing parents using bulk SMS.

72. Library books overdue reminder – You can use bulk SMS to inform parents to search their children’s room for library books due for return.

73. PTA meeting announcement – Get maximum attendance to parents and teachers meetings by informing all parents and reminding them of the upcoming PTA meeting.

74. Conduct opinion poll – You can use bulk SMS to get opinions of parents and teachers before you embark on any project. For instance, you can ask them for their opinion on the introduction of a new school uniform.

75. Fundraising – To succeed in raising funds for any school project, people need to know. Bulk SMS comes in to help you let as many people as you want to know of your fundraising initiative… and cheaply at that.

76. Holiday announcement – Bulk SMS is useful in informing all your stakeholders (students, parents, teachers, school board) on the day your school will close and go on holiday.

77. School re-open date announcement – You can also use bulk SMS to inform and remind parents and teachers of your school reopen date.

78. End of year party announcement – Inform parents and teachers of your end of the year party and the costume they and their children are to wear, among other requirements.

79. Referral to website – Does your school have a website? Save money and stress by referring current and prospective parents there to get answers to frequently asked questions.

80. Follow us on social media – Is your school on Facebook or do you have a new video on YouTube showing the great stuff your students can do? You can use bulk sms to let parents and would-be customers to know and to interact with you on Facebook.

Part 6: Clubs and Associations Uses of Bulk SMS

81. Meeting reminders – Naturally, we human beings forget things a lot and even when we remember them, we’re too lazy to do what’s required of us. You can use bulk sms reminders to break this limiting pattern and reinforce your members’ commitment. You can even automate it by scheduling the reminders every week or monthly and it will be delivered to your members while you are busy doing other important things.

82. Agenda dissemination – Want to have a successful meeting? Experts advise you send the agenda beforehand. An effective and convenient way to disseminate agenda to every member is to do it through bulk sms.

83. Next meeting venue information – If you’re the kind of club or association that meet at different venues or just want to hold the meeting elsewhere for once, you can use bulk sms to inform every member of the venue and address. You know, not every member is present at all meetings and you can’t start calling up everyone on phone to inform them of the venue. So, bulk sms is a cheap and effective way to do this.

84. Meeting resolutions announcement – For your club to progress, all your members need to know goings-on in the club. But problem is, not every member make it to every meeting, so after each meeting, you can use bulk sms to send summarized meeting resolutions to all members.

85. Dues reminders – You can use bulk sms to remind your club members of dues payment. This way, there will be reinforcements and prompt payment of dues.

86. Fines information – You can use bulk sms to inform members of fines they must pay whether they were present in a meeting or not.

87. New club officers announcement – There will come a time when new officers for your club or association will be elected and you’ll need an immediate way to pass this new piece of information to all your members, that’s when bulk sms comes in to help.

88. Fund raising – Yes, you can use bulk sms for fund raising. It’s as simple as sending out the requests to members and patrons and don’t forget to tell them why they must donate.

89. Meeting postponement announcement – At one point or the other in the life of your club or association, things will happen beyond your control and you’ll need to postpone meetings, you can use bulk sms to send out this information promptly.

90. Annual General Meeting announcement and reminders – Want to get massive attendance to your AGM? Use bulk sms to send invites and reminders.

91. Members wedding invitation – Except your club is the Married People’s Club, then you’ll have members who will be getting married. Even if you print cards, it can’t possibly get to everyone, so you can use bulk sms to cover your bases.

92. Members naming ceremony invitation – Is any of your member having a naming ceremony? You can use bulk sms to inform other members and invite them.

93. Thank-you SMS – You can use bulk sms to thank and recognize people for outstanding services in your club or association. You can also send thank-you sms to non-members who attended your events.

94. Happy New Year SMS – Instead of doing it inconveniently and expensively from your phone, blast it using bulk SMS.

95. Happy Independence Day – Show your members you have them on your mind on Independence Day (October 1st) by sending out goodwill messages to them. This will bond you together.

96. New members orientation – If you have new members joining your club and association, you need to orient and integrate them so that they can feel belong and perform well, you can automate an sms series using 5star SMS to 98. orient new members.

97. Happy birthday SMS – One way to keep the fire of love and togetherness burning in your club or association is to send happy birthday wishes to members on birthday. You can use bulk sms to schedule birthday messages to be delivered on members’ birthdays so that you don’t forget them. You just set it up once and it will work tirelessly for you throughout the year.

98. End-of-the-year party announcement – Having an end-of-the-year get-together? You can ensure maximum attendance by using bulk sms to convey the information and send out invites.

99. Opinion poll – You can use bulk sms to poll your members, for instance, about a new policy you’re about to introduce. If they support it, then you can roll it out, if not you can decide to ditch it.

100. Social media page information – If you’ve just created a page on Facebook for your club or a YouTube channel, you can use bulk sms to let your members and encourage them to join you to make your club popular.

101. Special events invitation – Regardless of the type of event you’re hosting, you can always use bulk sms in addition to other publicity methods to publicize the event


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