Orientation of new users is about teaching new users how to use our service and what they should expect from us.

Why We Orientate New Users

  1. To make a good first impression
  1. To bond with the customer
  1. To get the customer to make a commitment
  1. To gauge her responsiveness
  1. To set expectations

How to Orientate New Users

– Send a welcome SMS

– Send a welcome email

– Call him on phone

The Messages

i. Welcome SMS:


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, welcome to 5star SMS. I will be your account manager. If you need anything pls let me know via call or Whatsapp (0813-647-3434). Samuel, 5star SMS (www.5starsmsng.com).


To Do:

i. Replace the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with the customer’s name. If the user didn’t use a personal name, just replace the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with Hi.

ii. Use your personal name as the sender ID.

Email message:


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, I’ll Like To Know You Better

Hi, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Welcome to 5star SMS.

My name is (XXXXXXXXXXXXX Replace XXXXX With Your Name ). I’ll be your account manager. Meaning that if you need anything, I’m the person you should talk to.

I’ll like to know you better so that I can advise you better on how to get your SMS DELIVERED


Please can you take a moment to let me know the following?

  1. The type of message you’ll be sending
  2. To how many numbers approximately
  3. How many times in a month

Note: If you respond soon enough, you’ll get 100 FREE SMS as BONUS in your first purchase.

Thanks for choosing 5star SMS!

Samuel Oyeson




To Do:

  1. Change the XXXXXXXXXXXXXX in the email subject with the customer’s name
  2. Put your phone and whatsapp number in the space above.

Tip: Copy this message to your Evernote app so that you can easily copy and paste from there.

Welcome Call Guide:


You: Place the call

Customer: Hello

You: [Good morning], my name is [your name]. I’m calling from 5star SMS. Am I speaking with [customer’s name]?

Customer: Yes

You: Good! I’m calling to welcome you to 5star SMS.

Customer: Thank you.

You: [Customer’s Name], do you have any question for us?

Customer: [Customer asks question(s)]

You: [Take your time to answer them] and ask if that’s all.

Customer: Yes, that’s all.

You: How soon are you going to start using our service?

Customer: [Gives timeline]

You: Okay, I’m looking forward to serving you. Have a wonderful day.

The Process Map

>>You Get an Email Alert of New User Sign Up >>

>>Put It Through Our Ideal Client Checklist Whether She Meets Our Criteria >>

>>If No, Don’t Follow Up>>

>>If yes, implement Orientation System

Ideal Client Checklist

√ Has a church name, business name, or full normal personal name

√ Uses a yahoomail, gmail, or corporate email address that looks valid

√ Fills in a Nigerian phone number

√ Login after sign up