Below are guidelines laid down by GSM networks in Nigeria for bulk SMS. These guidelines are designed to discourage people who send SCAM SMS and unsolicited commercial messages otherwise known as SPAM.

1. Never use a phone number as your SENDER ID. As at the time of this writing, MTN changes the number to “SMS” as the sender ID.

2. Don’t include any phone number in the body of your message for bulk SMS to GLO phone numbers. GLO forbids it. Hint: You can put dash in between the phone numbers this way: 0805-202-1540.

3. Avoid using brand names that’s not yours in your SENDER ID. For example, MTN, GTBank, GLO, Lacesera, etc. Your message won’t deliver at all.

4. Never combine alphabets with numbers such as FIFA2013, ICPC2020 in your SENDER ID. They are blocked on all the GSM networks in some gateways.

5. Never use numbers that’s less than 11 digits such as ‘121, 2067, 3033, 180, etc as your SENDER ID. It’s blocked on all the GSM networks.

6. Avoid words commonly used by SCAMMERS such as: promo, won, call, congratulations, promo, hurray, prize, etc.

TIP: Always test delivery of your SMS to your own number before sending especially to large numbers. Better to be safe than sorry.

NOTE 1: All these measures have nothing to do with us. It’s the GSM networks that have put these filters in place to block SMS sent by “419 people” since they deliver millions of it every single day!

NOTE 2: If you’re a banking institution, we can help you register your sender ID and message content format with our GSM networks.

NOTE 3: We won’t refund any unit if you do any of the above and your SMS aren’t delivered. Because our gateway providers would have charged us, too.

If you are not clarified PLEASE contact us for more explanation. Thank you.