Welcome to the Bulk SMS Business Guide for Beginners

It was the ancient sage Zenrin who said, “If you wish to know the road up the mountain, ask the person that goes forth and back on it.”

Asking the person who goes forth and back a mountain is commonsense and smart. Because it helps you to:

  • avoid the pitfalls
  • take available shortcuts
  • cut short the learning curve
  • reach your destination…

…faster than you would have in the absence of his help.

So, taking your time to read and digest this guide is a smart decision indeed.

Listen, as far as bulk SMS business is concerned in Nigeria; I have certainly climbed the mountain and gone forth and back on it so much so that I now know it as the palm of my hand.

I’ve pretty much tried it all, seen it all, and stands as a shining role model to others. I solemnly promise you that I will…

  • point out the pitfalls and mistakes
  • reveal many shortcuts that will blow your mind
  • help you dramatically cut short the learning curve
  • And help you succeed in the shortest length of time practically possible

Let’s begin with the reasons why I went into bulk SMS business.