The following words are banned from your bulk SMS content in 5star SMS:

c0ngratulati0ns pr0m0 w0n call, congratulations promo won call, pr0m0 w0n call, prom0 w0n call, pr0mo w0n call, promo won call, hurray w0n call, hurray won call, won prize call, w0n prize call, pr0m0 prize call, prom0 prize call, pr0mo prize call, auchi poly, yhello, yellow.

They are all banned to prevent the activities of scammers who are both detrimental to us and to our end users. Please take note as we will NOT be held responsible if your bulk SMS aren’t delivered.

To use the word yellow as a legitimate user simply put dots in between the letters thus: y.e.l.l.o.w.

NOTE: The above banned words are constantly updated. So the ones listed on this page are by no means exhaustive.